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See just how far you can go!

By now you know I'm a big Ben Hardy fan so I wanted to share some snippets with you from a recent article he published. I'll include the link so you can read the entire work for yourself. The older I become the clearer it is to me that this is my unique journey to live. Instead of listening to naysayers who insist that an idea won't work, I have learned to believe in my instincts and move forward.

Ben Hardy says, "why not dedicate yourself to something that will completely transform you by doing it"? This means attempting things that others are unwilling to do. Will you fail? Of course you will. Will you succeed? Of course you will! When you decide to see just how far you can go there will be many moments of both triumph and defeat. The key is to see all outcomes as paths of learning.

Most people waste huge amounts of their life because they aren’t actively chasing a challenge that summons their greatest focus and creativity. They aren’t pursuing one or two things for years — and watching the compounding effect of long-term goals.

Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach, teaches people how to set 25-year-plans.

A 25-year-plan sounds crazy when you first think about it, especially when you are already past the 50 year old mark in your life. Yet, allowing yourself 25 years to achieve the goals that you are passionate about enables you to think BIG. The key is to find what is really important to you and apply your intentions and focus to the long term goals.

Essentialism is learning to focus on what is truly important to you. Things that may have been very interesting to you a year ago, no longer fuel your passion. As you travel down the road towards your 25-year-goal you will notice that you will continue to grow and expand through experiences and exploration.

The best work generally comes in response to taking on something that has a high probability of failure. While chasing something big, your best work emerges. ~Ben Hardy

Click here to read the article!


I'd like to welcome Meredith Simmerman, owner and founder of Reney's Honey Butter. She has been a big supporter of Meet da' Boss and is a perfect addition to the team!

You'll be able to read all about Meredith's story next month on the website. Meanwhile please visit her company site at and follow her on social media.

You can buy her butter at fellow MDB VIP's Crimson Blue Boutique, Domke Market and The Cheese Cottage! It is also available in a dozen or more local grocery stores.

In addition to the original Honey Butter, she offers favorites and seasonal flavors. Toffee, Strawberry, and Cinnamon are some of your choices!

Welcome aboard, Meredith!


Next week in Mobile...

Tuesday is the Business Breakfast Club at Domke Market. The meeting begins at 8AM and visitors are welcome!

Wednesday is Wine Wednesday at Domke Market! Stop by and enjoy tastings of new offerings from 5-7PM.

Thursday means a NEW menu is released for Clean Eatz meal prep plan! If you have not tried Bobby Howell's meals, do yourself a favor!


I've made a new addition to the website...a directory!

Click here to take a look at it!

Have a great week everyone!



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