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The "Me First" Attitude...

Lately I've observed a rash of "me first" whether it's being first to the stoplight, first to check out in line, etc. Where is everyone going in such a rush? I've been a working mom of 4 and know far too well what it means to have too much to do and too little time. I'd like to think that I maintained the good manners that my parents instilled in me even when I was "in the weeds" to quote Sherri Wright, owner of Caring Transitions. People matter...slow down and notice who crosses your path, otherwise you will shortchange yourself in life.

Here's a story to illustrate what I'm talking about. I was taking Marcello, our Standard Poodle, for his morning walk last week. A lady got out of her car and handed me her business card. She owns a cleaning service . She said that "everything in her" told her to get out and meet me. She said she was "scared" but just had to do it. It seems she has been in business for two years and needs help expanding.

We're meeting this week to see if she is a good customer fit for what I do! She noticed me (hard to miss with a 70 pound fluffy poodle) and acted upon her instincts. People matter!


Are you finding time management to be a challenge in your life? Recently I read an article called 41 Things You Should Say No To. There may be some things that you can eliminate or change in your life and garner more minutes in the day. Some of these points are certainly not what we typically think of as time wasters! It is a quick read, so click on the link!

Here are a few that resonated with me:

1. Mediocrity

You’re almost always better than you think you are.

2. Procrastination

Stop thinking, start doing.

3. Excuses

Ask why three times and you’ll know the real reason.

4. Always Comparing To Others

Spend time on self-improvement over fascination over competitors.


Speaking of investing in yourself, don't forget that Dr. Andy Wood of Lifevesting is offering everyone 1 FREE hour of coaching if you mention my name or Meet da' Boss! Believe me, it will be time well spent! Text him at 806-392-3994 to set up your call or meeting!


I'd like to welcome Sherri Wright, owner of Caring Transitions to the Meet da' Boss VIP's. She offers a unique service available in Mobile & Baldwin Counties. You'll be able to read all about her company very soon on the website, but meanwhile you can click here to follow her on Facebook!


This week was one of transformational relationships for many MDB businesses. On Thursday Domke Market was launched on the website! Friday morning, owner Brooke Goff reached out to fellow MDB Joe of Joe's Pizza & Pasta for help with her Italian Wine Dinner. For those of you who have never been to either place, they are both incredible gems in West Mobile. Brooke knows wine and wine pairing and Joe, well he make the most authentic Italian Food in Mobile!

Earlier in the week, David Carpenter of Upspyre was in the Bellissimo Concepts studio for his MDB photo shoot. He stayed around afterwards for a Facebook live I did with Andy Wood for Lifevesting. I appreciated the support that he offered to everyone involved!

My vision to bring business owners together is happening and I am so grateful!


Go out and make it a great week! Opportunities are everywhere!



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